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Welcome to Undead Dynasty! If you have not signed-up with us yet, please do so now. Please use your PSN ID as your username to make it easier for everyone. If you are under 18 years of age, please contact DEAD_Demon_Killa, DEAD_Simba, Bonobo617, Batman_OnA_Stick, nitrokiller21, Fenrir8991 or XxSonofBardockxX on PS4.

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 Undead Dynasty Chain of Command (CoC)

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PSN Name : DEAD_Simba
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PostSubject: Undead Dynasty Chain of Command (CoC)   Sun Sep 10, 2017 8:06 pm

Please follow the Chain of Command when you have an issue in the clan. If your issue is in regards to the Person-of-Contact on your CoC, then go to the next ranked Official. 

Commander: DEAD_Demon_Killa - Leader

DEAD_Simba - Website Running/Store
Bonobo617 - In charge of Corporals 
Fenrir8991 - In charge of Captains 
nitrokiller21 - Treasurer/Website/Paypal
Batman_OnA_Stick - In charge of Lieutenants and Staff

juan_casas_1121 - Website/Leadership Role

C-Rumpled - Lieutenant over Direwolf, Rivendare Thunder, The Rippers and Valhalla's Fallen.

Disney-Asian/DEAD_Giggles - Direwolf Squad
DEAD_Skippy2488/Skip2488 - Rivendare Thunder Squad
GNNZ - The Rippers Squad
AlexFinley - Valhalla's Fallen Squad
couchboi93 - GTA Leader

Tig_ol_bittie_10 - Fireteam Greyjoys (Direwolf Squad)
kevincasas60 - Fireteam Heart of the Phoenix (Rivendare Thunder Squad)
jimcarter1122 - Fireteam Scimitar (The Rippers Squad)
DarkReaperRises - Fireteam Shadow of Hades (Valhalla's Fallen Squad)
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Undead Dynasty Chain of Command (CoC)
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